Went to sleep 3 1/2 hours ago. WOKE UP THIRTY MINUTES AGO. Muther-fuckin' bitch ass cunt of a sore throat. Can't swallow with wanting to fucking shoot myself. But did I just lie there in bed and feel sorry for myself...H.E.L.L N.O. I came downstairs, swiftly raided the fridge for sore throat drops (NO FUCKING COLD-EEZE...Every time I get sick they try and stiff that shit down my throat like its gonna save my soul...but now, when I actually need one?) Then I made myself three mugs o' tea which I downed in quick succession like manna from heaven. I'm gonna make this sore throat my bitch or I'm gonna die tryin'.

I think I've gone crazy.
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die yuppie scum


Your 'Do You Want the Terrorists to Win' Score: 98%

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Do You Want the Terrorists to Win?
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torture and 80's rock, sex


My mother just told me that she never wants to talk to me again and that when she's old and feeble she wants someone else to take care of her.

"It's been a funny sort of day hasn't it?"

Hepatitis B immunization.Check
4 hrs of sleep. check
Math test. check
2 hrs of grueling drilling in fencing class in an hour. check.

ah life...

The crazy shopping time Christmas season is almost upon us. God help us all. I need to quit at CVS. I've been working at the Olathe store, and it's just damn far to go. Trying to get my job back at Dickinson. Free movie posters, whoo!

For the record, Casino Royale kicked fucking ass. The whole movie was brilliant but Daniel Craig was excellent as Bond. And he's signed on for two more movies as well.

Christianity, a flaccid faith floating in stagnant water.

Christians today our so stuck in their "belief system" they can't tell if they're swimming through shit or cranberry sauce.
The old ones seem content to remark endlessly on how the world is "going to hell in wheelbarrow" or whatever Beaver Cleaver cliche strikes their fancy at the moment.
THe young ones are "bound" and determined to maintain they're "purity". Whatever the fuck that means. At my school I heard a kid bitchin' about how HE lost HIS purity ring.
If I had a purity ring it would double as a mood ring. The range of color would symbolize how naughty or nice I am at that particular moment.
The middle ones (married with children) are intent on raising their kids "right".
Fuck everyone else. Just so long as we (christians) stay pure, we'll get our shiny penthouse in the sky with the great heaping piles of gold the "man upstairs" promised us in verse whatever, chapter who-cares, the gospel of how-the-fuck-should-I-know.


P.S. A co-worker told me a few days ago that she wants to have a kid, and let my parents raise it so that it will turn out just like me. Ironically I'm pretty sure I got all of my good genes from my dad, and seeing as how I pretty much learned most everything from my dad and my sisters it wouldn't really do her much good anyway.
Go figure.

New workplace, same ole' boring work...

Today I had to work from 12:00-8:30 at the new CVS/Pharmacy. It's right up the street from the old one(it's an old Osco building). Honestly I don't know why we are moving all of our people and shit over there. It is atrociously awkward.

Problem the First. They (Entrenched Osco personnel) don't know the system. In other words they do not know exactly what the hell they are doing. Plus they have old Osco habits which although not necessarily bad, are just not the way things are going to be done.

Problem the Second. We CVS/pharmacy employees of the late great store #5732, are in a new building where we don't quite know where everything is and likely won't feel comfortable for months.
Plus they have fucking door codes for the bathroom and the break room. Goddamn CODES!And their bathroom is incredibly foul. (We clean ours every week, thank you very-fucking-much. I'm talking about rust and mold on the bloody urinals! Maybe some blood too. I don't know.)

Jesus in a Jewish Jacuzzi.

More on this later...

P.S. More on work and related madness. Not more on Jesus. There's been plenty written about that cat already.


Everyone should go read the adventures of Dr. McNinja...

Epiphany served raw with a dash of self-realization.

I just figured that I have five things I do in life. Now obviously there are thousands of different things to do in life and I do lots of them but for the sake of argument,

1.Work: around 30+ to 40+ hours a week at a pharmacy(Missouri law prohibits me from saying which one...just kidding)

2.School: History, Math, Physical education 107, Physical education 106(fencing), all these are at Longview Community College. Biology at Cristos Something(read: shitty "christian" school)

3.Wishing I could figure out someway to make my life count for something by helping those who need it. If there's one thing I have learned in my 17 years on God's mud-ball it's that the most rewarding, fulfilling and basically worth-while thing one can do is help people.

4.Wishing I could get rid of what's left of my conscience and get down to killing people who deserve it(basically most of the people I come into contact with on a daily basis). I'm not talking about serial killers to rapists to pedophiles. I'm talking about those people to people who basically ignore what's wrong with the world and only concern their selfish minds with makings sure that they (and those they live with/fuck/take care of because they fucked...Read:family) live happily ever after in that dream house with the evening news as their only connection to the outside world.

5.Watching movies. Lot's of 'em. Basically trying to avoid having to make either of the last two things come true.

I have to be awake again in 4 hours and 28 minutes so that I can go to work. Shit.

Sidenote: I think I've figured out my problem. I'm really good at a myriad of things (I know, I know. What modesty)But I'm not a master of anything...hmmmmm.
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