Monty (montythemobster) wrote,

Christianity, a flaccid faith floating in stagnant water.

Christians today our so stuck in their "belief system" they can't tell if they're swimming through shit or cranberry sauce.
The old ones seem content to remark endlessly on how the world is "going to hell in wheelbarrow" or whatever Beaver Cleaver cliche strikes their fancy at the moment.
THe young ones are "bound" and determined to maintain they're "purity". Whatever the fuck that means. At my school I heard a kid bitchin' about how HE lost HIS purity ring.
If I had a purity ring it would double as a mood ring. The range of color would symbolize how naughty or nice I am at that particular moment.
The middle ones (married with children) are intent on raising their kids "right".
Fuck everyone else. Just so long as we (christians) stay pure, we'll get our shiny penthouse in the sky with the great heaping piles of gold the "man upstairs" promised us in verse whatever, chapter who-cares, the gospel of how-the-fuck-should-I-know.


P.S. A co-worker told me a few days ago that she wants to have a kid, and let my parents raise it so that it will turn out just like me. Ironically I'm pretty sure I got all of my good genes from my dad, and seeing as how I pretty much learned most everything from my dad and my sisters it wouldn't really do her much good anyway.
Go figure.

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