January 28th, 2007



Went to sleep 3 1/2 hours ago. WOKE UP THIRTY MINUTES AGO. Muther-fuckin' bitch ass cunt of a sore throat. Can't swallow with wanting to fucking shoot myself. But did I just lie there in bed and feel sorry for myself...H.E.L.L N.O. I came downstairs, swiftly raided the fridge for sore throat drops (NO FUCKING COLD-EEZE...Every time I get sick they try and stiff that shit down my throat like its gonna save my soul...but now, when I actually need one?) Then I made myself three mugs o' tea which I downed in quick succession like manna from heaven. I'm gonna make this sore throat my bitch or I'm gonna die tryin'.

I think I've gone crazy.
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